Skin By Sabrina/s Custom Cryo Globes 

“ Get the Glow You Deserve “
Maximize your skin care routine
With our  California Cryo Globes


There is something about California , that makes you want to  Glow ! 

Experience this cold therapy at home or in the Treatment room ! 

Made with a unique  an exclusive Cryo GelTechnology that will keep cold and pentrate through the skin.


 I love to incorporate these  when I first wake up . Also I pair with my Skin by Sabrina facial sheet mask .

* It Improves Blood Circulation
* It Tightens Your Skin Pores
* Reduce puffiness
* Detox & Release with Lymphatic drainage
* Helps Penetrate the skin care products deeper into the skin .
Directions :
- Cleanse skin , leave skin damp
- Roll inwards and outwards for 20 seconds then rotate & massage for 1-3 minutes or desired time
- Using alone or your favorite facial oil or Serums .

California Cryo Globes

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