The Studio

435 N Bedford  Drive * Penthouse Suite 

Beverly  Hills , CA 90210

415 W Machester Blvd #204

Inglewood, CA 90301 

* Pictures Shown of  Inglewood location  


My Skin Studio is a warm welcoming space. 

* Yellow building

* PARKING Provided in back of building Space #204 or street parking

* Please text or call when you arrive , I will let you in


  • By Appointment Only​

  • Skincare that is quality 

  • A Hidden Oasis

  • Spa Refreshers​

  • Online Booking

My Philosophy

Skin by Sabrina offers the ultimate blend in holistic skin treatments especially designed to release tension, pamper and nurture the whole body, bringing tranquility, balance and harmony into our busy lives.

Though I believe beauty comes from within, with a skillful technique and a blend of custom select skin care products, my treatments look after the largest organ on the human body, your skin.

They also work on the inside, releasing stress, tension and providing balance and harmony.


My mission is to improve the well-being of my clients.


One face at a time!