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SBS Cult Favorite Hydrating Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask 


The Best Facial Mask AroundThe Best Facial Mask Around suitable for all skin types.


Signature Hydrating Moisturizing Facial Sheet Mask by SBS


Experience our Triple Mask Glow effect at home.

Filled with  powerful Hydrating and Soothing Essence Anti-Aging Antioxidants, it is

The Perfect Facial Rejuvenation Mask. Leaving your skin feeling soft and bright .


Use the extra facial serum on your neck & decollete 

Also cab be  paired with the SBS Green Youth Mask 


** No Synthetic or artificial Fragrance No Alcohol



- Glycerin

- Chamomile

- Algae Extract

- Vitamin E

- Vitamin C

- Hyaluronic Acid

- Ginkgo Biloba



Facial Sheet Mask by SBS

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