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Non - Greasy Formula

Seabuckhorn Oil its Nothing like the Rest !


Won't Dry You out 

 The Lifestyle Glow™️ Oil  2 oz / 59 ml


This luxurious silky smooth repair and rejuvenation  oil serum.


Formulated to soothe , hydrate , & moisturize .Blended  with ancient  botanical extracts  founded by nature. Antioxidants to enrich  your skins appearance by reducing hyperpigmentation, redness , blemishes

fine lines &  wrinkles . That protect against oxidative stresses on the skin .


That will give your skin a healthy glow.



Seabuckhorn Oil

Camellia Seed Oil

Jojoba Oil


Aloe Vera

Vegetable glycerin

Mugwort Extract

Ginseng Extract

Chamomile  Flower Extract

Ginkgo Biloba

Hyaluronic Acid

Centella Asiatica


How to use :

Shake before use

If used before bed time ; allow 15-30  min to absorb into the skin as the orange color can stain bedding.  


SBS The Lifestyle Glow ™ Oil

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